Rafael Macedo

Rocinante released the second album by composer, arranger, guitarist, pianist, and singer Rafael Macedo in 2018, called Microarquiteturas (Micro-Architectures) with the group Pulando o Vitrô (Leaping Through the Window). In 2009 he launched Quase em Silêncio (Near Silence) with the same group.

Macedo won the 2006 and 2013 editions of the BDMG Instrumental Prize. In 2010, with the group qUEbRApEdRA, he won the Funarte Popular Music Circuit Prize.

Macedo often appears as arranger in albums by artists from the contemporary music scene in Belo Horizonte (Coletivo Ana, Leonora Weissmann, Graveola, Leopoldina Azevedo).

In 2015, he shared the stage with Hermeto Pascoal in the project Meio de Campo (Midfield). He has also worked with such artists as UAKTI, Gabriel Grossi, Misturada Orquestra, Kristoff Silva, Juliana Perdigão, and Antonio Loureiro.

Since 2008, Rafael Macedo has taught musicalization, group practice, and creation at such institutions as the Foundation for Artistic Education and the Cultural Arena (Elas), two important musical and artistic training centers in the state of Minas Gerais.

Macedo’s compositions express his constant harmonic, textural, tonal, and semantic research, conveying elements from rock, European concert music, and non-European ethnic music.

Microarquiteturas (Micro-Architectures)

Rafael Macedo & Pulando o Vitrô

R 003 | june 2018