I have no interest in lyricism that is not liberation.
— Manuel Bandeira

Our purpose is to express the uniqueness of the artists we record. Our compass is the impact from what we hear. We work mainly in the fields of Brazilian song and instrumental music. Our studio specializes in the analog world, and we work with sound engineers that share our love for music.

We currently release albums on streaming platforms, but our production cycle will only be complete with the full operation of our own vinyl factory with Newbilt presses, now under development and construction.

Quality vinyl records can produce superior sound to that of the other available media and are an important reproduction medium for our objectives as a recording company. We also love the large record covers, and we love the serene ritual of listening to a recorded work the same way one reads a poem in the book, watches a film on the big screen, and contemplates an original painting: with immersion and empathy for each artist’s true aesthetic intentions.